Kelsey C. (San Francisco, CA)

“Leilani is a precious soul and light-worker.  I sought out her support during a meaningful and painful transition in my life.  Deep in process around childhood trauma, grief, loss and soul discovery I was in dire need of spiritual healing. 

Leilani greeted me with kindness, ease and compassion.  She shared 45 minutes of her own time before our session to connect over tea about what I was working through.  Her ear, wisdom and shared experience was nourishing and encouraging. 

The Reiki session was accompanied by a beautiful meditation soundtrack.  Her presence and touch was gentle and healing.  I felt relaxed, confident and clear throughout. At the end of our session, Leilani was able to share with me visions and experiences she had including acquainting me with one of my Spirit Guides!  It was truly a gift.  Leaving our session, my body felt lighter, cleaner and more energetically fluid which continued for the next few days. 

Thank you, Leilani for your meaningful work and sharing your gift!  I look forward to coming to see you again in the future!”