Maya G. (Denver, CO) Age 24

“My experience with Leilani was so eye-opening and mind blowing. It was my first time ever with Reiki. I’m really spiritual, but I had no idea how it would work. She really took her time to ask about what I needed help with and she was so thoughtful with the advice she gave me and the book and practice recommendations that I still refer to all the time. Once the Reiki started, it was amazing how I could feel the energy vibrating through my body and healing me. With my eyes closed ~ I was transported to different places and saw different beings that helped me understand lessons I was to take away from all of it. I recommend Leilani to anyone that is curious or looking for someone new. Leilani is absolutely amazing and you can tell how much love she puts into the session. I’ll be coming back for more ASAP.” Maya (age 24)