FullSizeRenderLeilani Love has always been curious as to the deeper reason for why she was here on Mother Earth. As a sensitive child, she loved connecting with animals, climbing + hugging trees, creating art and playing in her imaginary world. She read Dr. Brian Weiss’ book: Many Lives, Many Masters and was guided to study Past Life Soul Regression (“PLSR”). She studied PLSR at the RavenHeart Center in Boulder, Colorado. Her life transformed! She became certified in 2011. As an Empath and a Highly Sensitive person, Leilani was drawn to energy healing after experiencing a very painful dark night of the soul where she was taken to her knees when everything in her world dissolved. She is an intuitive and embracing this gift has changed her life in miraculous ways.  She was drawn to meditation and began deepening her meditation practice and looking for guidance and answers for what she was feeling and experiencing.  Leilani began studying Reiki in 2008 and took a few years with each Level of Reiki (3 levels in total). In 2010, she became a Reiki Master with her teacher Lisa Guyman.

Leilani is currently studying at Agape International Spiritual Center ~ Michael Bernard Beckwith’s spiritual community.

Leilani world traveler…and loves other cultures, nature, creating, reading, writing, dancing, cooking, and international music.

Leilani is here in this time to Light up the World and to hold a sacred space for as many people who are ready to know the Truth of who they are + to Transform their lives to live an Authentic Life!

“Before the beginning you are pure consciousness. You are the fullness of love in love and the emptiness of awareness. Oh life, oh life! How good it is and how grateful we are that it is shining through us.”
~ Michael Bernard Beckwith