Past Life Soul Regression

Do you have places you absolutely love? Or, maybe you know places that make you a little uneasy? Have you ever met someone and you connected with them so deeply you felt you knew them before? Are there re-occuring patterns in your life that you seem unable to heal? These could be reminders of your past lives.

During a Past Life Soul Regression session, the client goes into a deep and meditative state and enters their subconscious mind. This work can open gateways to unveil themes in one’s life. As Souls we incarnate with many agreements from previous lives which need to be worked through until we heal “the lesson.” By regressing into a past life with an experienced therapist, one can gain deep understanding into the current lifetime releasing emotional and physical ailments, negative patterns, relationship issues, and much more. Allow 1.5 – 2 hours for the session.

Between Lives Soul Regression:

In this regression session, the client is taken into the Spirit Realm to gain insight into the agreements and patterns in their current life. The client will talk with their Spirit Guide and gain insight into many areas of their life and they will access information from a variety of sources…..exploring the nature of being a Soul. This regression occurs in an even deeper state of consciousness. The client is ready for this regression after 3-4 Past Life Soul Regression sessions. BLSR sessions are said to be “life changing.” Allow 3-4 hours for the session.