Reiki ~ Long-Distance Healing

Reiki means “Universal” or “Spiritually Guided” life force energy. Reiki is a Japanese technique that is relaxing and centering.  Energy flows over + through the body during a Reiki session.

A few of the many benefits are:  feeling grounded or re-centered, balancing the Chakras, experiencing a heightened sense of awareness, enhanced well-being, emotional release and resolution, stress reduction, reduction in pain and tension, healing of the body temple, and inner peace. Leilani also incorporates some healing modalities she remembers from past lives where she was a Healer.

The first 15 minutes of a Session is a time to talk and share.  Intuitive/Spiritual Counseling is offered by Leilani in a safe space with what is present in the client’s Life, on their Heart and in their inner + outer worlds. This is offered in a safe and sacred space with deep listening. Also, 90-minute Sessions are available ~ with 30 minutes of Intuitive/Spiritual Counseling and 1-hour of Reiki.

Many clients feel drowsy or sleepy after a Reiki Healing session. Now that it is offered long-distance, the client can rest in their own home after the session is complete. Leilani is grateful to offer this healing modality to her clients.

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